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Caught in the Confining Chrysalis of Patriarchy?

Five American women candidly share their transformative experiences of moving through the stifling culture of patriarchy out into the fresh air of their uniquely authentic, sparkling selves. The journey may seem long and daunting, but the destination is worth the trip. Making a commitment to the process is the first step of the journey toward being the person you came here to be with all the gifts you possess. You are a piece of good news! Be glad, and rejoice in it!

Ø The brave women who share their stories here may inspire and motivate you to reflect on your own life, plumbing your depths for aspirations denied, plans deferred, and intuitions ignored, in the context of patriarchal relationships.

Ø This storytelling process often ignites an individual process unique to each woman who pursues it. The benefits of this process are enhanced by coupling it with a journaling practice.

Ø Should you feel alone in your struggles with the reality of patriarchal relationships, these women aim to point you in the direction for overcoming that feeling of isolation. As a woman, you are one of a multitude of women searching for creative, healthy, freeing responses to patriarchy. You have caring companions and these women are some of them.
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Award- Winning Finalist in the Self-Help: Motivational category of the 2013 USA Best Book Awards.